At the top of the Polaris® robotic line, the 4WD robotic 9550 features the Easy Lift System, handheld remote with movement control, dirty canister indicator, and updated vacuuming technology.

The new 9550 Sport 4WD is the top of the line unit. The 9550 Sport cleans walls, and scrubs tile line with a strong and durable scrubbing brush. One of the distinct advantages of 9550 Sport is the 7-day programmable timer, with customizable cleaning cycles that allows pool owners to leave the cleaner to work its magic. The new and improved remote control that comes with this unit has the ability to sense the operators hand movements, moving the cleaner when you move your hand. Just point and direct the 9550 Sport to any desired location in the pool and it will move to that area for spot cleaning purposes. A unique feature for this unit in particular is it's dirty canister indicator, the light will glow telling you that the canister must be cleaned.