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Pool Rover

It's one of those gorgeous summers days, so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. One of those days where you would do anything to cool off! Other than jump into your own swimming pool that is!

Pool maintenance is a hassle for most people. You can waste countless hours of summertime bent over your swimming pool cleaning out leaves and debris instead of enjoying your swimming pool! Often the person in charge of maintaining the pool spends their time sweating over the pool instead of cooling off in the pool. And the worst part is after all this intensive labor you might still be left with a green pool. This summer why not try something different? Kick back and relax, because with a Pool Rover - pool maintenance will never be the same again!

An Aquabot Pool Rover or Pool Rover Junior can save you plenty of hour's labor. It's the equivalent of a pool robot which effortlessly and quickly cleans all types of swimming pools. It's fully pre-programmed to clean your pool, quickly and efficiently. In an hour or less (depending on the size of your swimming pool) your efficient little pool robot will have your water looking blue and clear.

The Pool Rover uses power driven scrubbing brushes to tackle even the most stubborn algae in your pool. The pool rover has its own filtration system in the form of reusable filter bags collect the grit and grime. Pool Rovers are fully automatic. This astonishing machine works completely independently from your main pool pump system.

All of today's pools rovers are designed to clean your entire pool. A Pool Rover will clean all above ground pools of any shapes. It doesn't matter if you have a round, rectangle and even oval swimming pool- your Pool Rover has it covered!

A Pool Rover will save you money in the long run. An Aquabot Pool Rover is cheap to operate - using only 5 cents per cycle! It will save your pool pump a lot of wear and tear too. And if your pool is being cleaned by a Pool Rover you can expect to use a lot less of those expensive and harmful chemicals you keep buying.

The Pool Rover Plus is a little more costly than the Pool rover but cleans any size pool. It's well worth the expense! It's taken more than 10 years of applied research to come up with the unique jet propulsion and micro filtration system that makes the Pool Rover plus an outstanding product.

Would you like to buy a pool rover and revolutionize your pool cleaning regime? Then come and visit Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. today. We have a range of Aquabot products which are guaranteed to do the job - or your money back!

Why waste your precious time cleaning and maintaining your pool when a pool rover can take over? Just toss it in the pool and let it do its thing! Come and visit the Aquaquality Pools & Spas, inc. website at AquaqualityPools.com, and buy a Pool Rover today!







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